Repairs & Maintenance Policy

Policy reference number: FV-POL-Repairs1
Version number: 1
Date applies from: 1.9.16


Aim of Policy

For the purposes of this Policy ForViva and group members are referred to as ‘the Group’

This Policy sets out the Group’s approach to responsive repairs, empty property maintenance, planned maintenance and cyclical maintenance.

The implementation of this Policy will ensure the Group delivers an effective and efficient repairs and maintenance service to homes and communal areas whilst maintaining value for money. It also responds to the needs of, and offers choices to customers, with the objective of completing repairs and improvements right first time.


The Group repairs and/or replaces small to medium components on failure due to wear and tear or customer misuse.

To ensure components are not prematurely replaced, regular cycles for the servicing of equipment, inspection and testing required by regulations will be carried out.

There will be external and internal (communal areas) redecoration programmes to maintain the appearance of properties and extend component life.

Emergency repairs can be reported 24 hours per day, seven days a week via a range of channels. Outside of normal working hours the service will as a minimum make the property safe and secure.

The Group will endeavour to ensure that responsive repairs are completed in one visit, ‘right first time’.

The Group will arrange appointments, at the first point of reporting, for all non- emergency internal and external repairs.

Repair requests will be confirmed in writing or in a text message to the customer. This will include a description of the repair, the date and time of appointment and the name of the contractor.

With the exception of timescales prescribed under the ‘right to repair’ legislation, responsive repairs will be responded to according to their level of priority, such as whether they are an emergency, urgent or routine. Where circumstances are appropriate or necessary, such as a customer with support needs, a repair may be escalated to a higher priority.

If a repair cannot be completed within the stated timescale (e.g. if materials have to be specially ordered) the contractor will inform the customer of the revised timescale, which may, due to the nature of the works, be progressed as investment works outside of this Policy.

The Group will publicise repairs and maintenance which are the customer’s responsibility. Where it is identified that customers have caused damage to the property, undertaken unauthorised alterations or left possessions and/or rubbish in the property when vacating, the Group will proactively seek to recover the costs incurred from customers to rectify the damage and/or issues identified.

Where a non-emergency repair has been requested and it is evident that this is due to customer damage, work will not be carried out unless the customer pays for the full cost of the works in advance of the works being carried out.

Where it is established that materials or parts have been ordered for works which is of a specialist nature and the customer fails to allow access to undertake the work, the Group will proactively seek to recover the costs incurred from the customer.

Where necessary repair or improvements cause damage to the customer’s decoration, this will either be made good or a decoration voucher will be issued to enable the customer to purchase the necessary decorating materials.

The Group repairs empty properties promptly and to the published lettings standard, so that properties are let as quickly as possible to people in housing need.

Planned maintenance works will be carried out on a regular basis to ensure the health and safety of customers and their visitors, to meet statutory and legal obligations, prevent deterioration of the building components and/or improve the appearance of homes and estates.

The Group will deliver some repairs as longer term investment works. For example, where pre-inspection and/or ordering and manufacture is required or for larger quantities of repairs that may potentially be done as a long-term investment.

The Group will discharge all legal obligations to all leaseholders by providing an efficient and effective repairs and maintenance service for those repairs that are the Group’s responsibility.

Monitoring Arrangements

The Group will monitor and report compliance with this Policy through:
• Performance Indicators
• Customer Feedback Mechanisms
• Strategic Reports
• Operations Reports

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