Green Policy

Policy reference number: FW-POL-GREEN1
Version number: 1
Date applies from: 4.3.16


Aim of Policy

This Policy provides clear and specific guidance on how we will deliver an auditable Green Policy to improve energy performance across all operations, including commercial buildings, day to day operations, the behavioural trends of staff, energy and water efficiency, waste reduction and recycling and affordable warmth.

We are fully committed to a sustainable agenda that will place us at the forefront of reducing our environmental impact and maximising the benefits of green practices for customers and communities. We will give particular attention to reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

This Policy takes into account and responds to the ForViva group’s Green agenda.


We will use alternative fuel vehicles, such as electric cars.

We will use an all-in-one tracking and navigation solution (Masternaut) to allow us to view the minute by minute location of operatives. This also allows instant communication with operatives to allocate jobs as they are scheduled, enabling us to plan and deliver services effectively and efficiently, by travelling the least possible distance.

We will educate operatives on smart driving, including monitoring and analysing driving practices to encourage driving which reduces fuel usage and CO2 emissions. This will assess harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as idling and speeding.

Environmental Practices
We will adopt environmentally orientated practices including waste recycling and reducing and reusing materials.

We will limit energy use, for example by reviewing thermostat settings for office heating to ensure it is set at the optimal level.

We will educate employees on green practices for example, poster and screensaver campaigns to encourage employees to turn off monitors when not in use.

We will promote the use of environmentally responsible materials, for example through the specifications we agree with customers and stores supplier.

We will develop and implement an auditable environmental management system to a recognised standard (such as BS EN ISO 14001:2004).

How the Policy will be delivered

If employees become aware of problems with the effective operation of this Policy or the associated procedures, they should report this to the Policy Owner. This feedback will be incorporated into the policy and procedural review process.

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Consultation & Business Intelligence

This Policy takes into account ForViva group’s 2016-19 Green Strategy which details the high level strategic direction for delivering the green agenda to ensure the maximum positive impact on customers within the constraints of budget and remit. This was developed through ‘think tanks’ involving Executive and Senior Managers across the Group.

Managers meet regularly with partners to support successful implementation.

Monitoring Arrangements

Our annual green statement monitors and reports the impact of green initiatives, including the difference made to the environment, CO2 emissions and costs.

Our environmental management system is independently audited on an annual basis.

Our benchmarking of waste management monitors and reports value for money and best possible environmental performance.

Our energy usage and recycling report provides data on usage.

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