• Why apprenticeships are key to transforming the prospects of young people in Wales

The latest figures from Estyn, the education and training inspectorate in Wales, show that apprenticeships are growing in popularity, with more and more young people in Wales recognising them as a stepping stone into long-term careers.

The same report, however, highlights there is work to be done to ensure they work for employees and add value to businesses.

The same report, however, highlights there is work to be done to ensure they work for employees and add value to businesses.
As a growing organisation, we at Liberty, recognise the huge opportunity we have to help young people gain vital skills and experience to start their careers. But it also makes great business sense for us to have enthusiastic young people on our team who are ready to learn and develop in their future careers.

Currently, more than 4,000 young people aged 16-24 in Cardiff are unemployed and we believe apprenticeships in industries like property services are vital if we are to see these numbers improve in the capital city and Wales as a whole.

As businesses if we are to remain sustainable for the long term, we must ensure we have access to talent and the resources to develop the multi-skilled workers we need to drive up standards and continue to deliver first-class services to clients. And this is the case whether you are in property, energy, manufacturing or any other sector. Young people are the future and it is our collective responsibility and opportunity as employers to invest in them.

At Liberty, we welcomed the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017 as an opportunity to do even more to support our current and future workforce. We created a new Apprentice and Training Team to boost our capacity to deliver apprenticeships and are proud to say apprentices now make up ten per cent of our 900-strong team across the UK.

In our Welsh base in Cardiff, we have recently celebrated with two of our apprentices who have completed their training. When I hear from someone like 22-year-old, Rhys, that he has ‘developed massively with the company’ and that ‘these qualifications have helped set me up with a career and a great pathway for life’, it really brings home why we offer apprenticeships.

We recognise the importance of providing these opportunities for young people like Rhys to build a brighter future and we look forward to bringing on more apprentices in Wales in the next year.

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