What new MOT-style gas servicing means for your organisation

(Posted: 19/01/2018)

Derek Corbishley, Managing Director of Liberty, explains how changes to the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR) will introduce more flexibility to the timing of annual gas safety checks.

What the situation is now:

At the moment, many landlords attempt to conduct these checks before 10 months to ensure they stay within the 10-month threshold. The majority of landlords gain access to properties promptly to do the checks - resulting in a gradual shortening of the safety check cycle year-on-year.

What the regulation changes mean:

  • Landlords can carry out gas safety checks in a window of between 10 and 12 months after the previous check.
  • Checks will now be treated as if they were carried out on the last day of that 12 months validity, preserving the existing expiry date of the safety check record (same as a car MOT).
  • The legislation is non-compulsory. If preferred landlords can continue with their current regimes.

Liberty is preparing for these changes:

  • We are preparing our systems to ensure we can adapt to this new process.
  • We will be ready to facilitate clients who wish to adopt the new ways of working.

As our client, I want to hear from you on this change to legislation. Get in touch and let me know your thoughts on it and if you plan to adopt it.

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