• Using data to shape services and develop new ways of working

Alan Wilson, Interim Business Development Director, Liberty Group

All businesses operate in climate where we are constantly seeking out efficiencies.

The challenge we face on a daily basis is to deliver the saving that clients need, without compromising on providing the highest quality service and delivering added value.

It is a challenge we thrive on.

In property management in particular this is more important than ever.

New ways of working are emerging that allow us to keep the client at the heart of everything we do – while delivering significant savings.

At Liberty, our focus on data gathering and data analysis has been key to understanding the needs of our clients and helping us to shape our services in their best interest.

Innovation has to be the cornerstone of producing the savings.

Liberty’s work covers the full range of asset management, from gas servicing and repairs and maintenance to construction projects and renewable energy.

As the go to people for property services, this wide-ranging work gives us huge opportunities to develop innovative solutions that create efficiency, add value, and remain focussed on quality.

For example, in the modern world of asset management, we recognised that the traditional stock condition survey could be enhanced by other data and intelligence to allow organisations to make better, more targeted and faster investment decisions.

We have developed bespoke technology working closely with our clients that offers a robust, data driven asset management tool to enable engineers to track individual assets within a property – this means that we can report live data internally and externally on an asset’s condition, so that landlords can better target where they invest in their assets and save money.

The potential of this technology is significant.

We are currently developing the use of robotics and AI to enable asset management teams to reduce non-value added costs such as back office functions, adding further value and enabling resources to be focussed where they are needed most.

We are also looking at how assets can be used to generate income for landlords, while also supporting the challenge that we know they face in alleviating fuel poverty for tenants, offering solutions ranging from energy conservation to social energy tariffs.

This focus on the needs of the client flows through the whole organisation and is embedded in everything we do – we are passionate about empowering staff to always act in the best interests of our clients.

This can mean anything from delivering excellent services to saving lives. A Liberty Group team member was recently recognised for his heroic actions in using his first aid skills to save the life of an elderly woman in Salford when he saw that she had collapsed on the street as he was driving past in his van.

Our aim at Liberty is always to shape the core services that our clients need – client focus, quality and efficiency are the foundations of all that we do.

Adding value doesn’t mean costing client more, it means understanding their needs and developing the right solutions.

Putting it simply, it’s about clients being at the heart of service.

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