• Operative in Pontypool goes extra mile trekking through the snow to fix heating for young family

Lloyd Davis, a gas engineer with Liberty working in Pontypool, went the extra mile last week when he trekked a round trip of two miles through knee deep snow to reach a mum and her two-year-old son in the town and fix their broken heating.

The 22-year old wrapped up in his thermals, donned his walking boots and carried his heavy equipment on his back through snow drifts two and three feet deep to get there. The previous night, Lloyd had to abandon his van about a mile away from his own house owing to the bad weather conditions.

Lloyd who grew up in Pontypool and lives there with his mum and dad, left as soon as he could to get to the young family who are Linc Cymru tenants. Linc is just one of the contracts Lloyd works on.

The operative, who has worked with Liberty for almost a year, explained: “When I got the call to say this young family were without heating in that weather, I knew I had to do my best to get to them and fix it.

“After walking for half an hour or so I got there at about 5-o-clock. The customer, Josie, and her son were wrapped up with extra layers and trying to stay warm with electric heaters after waking up in the morning to find their boiler wasn’t working.

“I spotted that the condense pipe had frozen in the boiler because of the extreme weather. I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure if my attempts to fix it were going to work, but I persisted and thankfully the heating did come back on.

“Josie was very happy and relieved to have it sorted so that she and her little boy could get warm again before it got even colder overnight, and I was glad I’d made it through the snow to get to her.”

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