• Manchester engineer goes the extra mile

Darren, an engineer working on Liberty’s City West Housing Trust contract in Manchester has gone over above to support a partially sighted customer.

Darren arrived at his first appointment of the day at 9.05am despite the snow and ice which saw Manchester Airport close, and his 8 mile commute take almost 2 hours.

Darren greeted the customer and talked her through what he was there to do – a planned full central heating replacement which was scheduled to be completed over two days, with Liberty providing temporary electric heating for the customer to use overnight.

Due to the severe weather conditions, Daren was concerned that temporary heating wouldn’t be sufficient for the customer and after talking it through with the customer, arranged for the works to be re-programmed for another date so that she could keep her central heating on.

Whilst talking to the customer, Darren found out that she had a doctor’s appointment at 9.30am but that she was struggling to walk outside in the snow and ice with her guide dog. To support her, Darren walked with her to the GP practice, making sure she didn’t miss her appointment and waited for her to assist her on the walk back to her home too.

After hearing this story Karen Sloan, Chief Operating Officer at Liberty Group said “This commitment to customer services is inspiring and this is a great example of doing the right thing

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