• Liberty staff rise to the challenge of unprecedented snowfall

Over the past week, as the country was gripped in the most severe weather conditions seen for years, Liberty Group, along with other gas contractors faced high volumes and difficult working conditions to deliver services to customers.

Liberty has winter protocols which were put in place and we have been hearing some truly exceptional stories about the lengths many staff went to reach customers in unprecedented conditions, and the difference this has made to people in need. Here are just a few examples of the dedication shown by the Liberty team:

The concerted efforts from everyone have made a phenomenal difference to many customers and Liberty to deliver on its vision of being the ‘go to people for property services’. Here are some of the comments we received from customers:

“I am lovely and warm thanks to Liberty – best wishes to you!”

“Thank you to the engineer from Liberty who got to my mum this morning. They are all working so hard in awful conditions and it is appreciated.”

“What a lovely boy Neil (Engineer) was. In all the 19 years I have lived in the property I have never had a workman as nice as him.”

“Thank you to Paul (Engineer) who also helped me with my shopping during the bad weather!”

“Sally (Administrator) was very patient, understanding, friendly and an ambassador for Liberty.”

Thank you to our clients for working with us through the conditions to help continue to deliver services to customers.

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