Liberty engineers go above and beyond

(Posted: 02/08/2018)

At Liberty we pride ourselves on our constant efforts to go above and beyond for our clients.

At Liberty we pride ourselves on our constant efforts to go above and beyond for our clients. Dave Timperley, a gas servicing engineer, demonstrated this ethos by providing additional support for a vulnerable tenant in order to assist in her rehabilitation after a stroke that had severely impacted her independence.

During a visit for a standard gas maintenance check for a vulnerable tenant Dave independently went the extra mile to help the elderly woman. Whilst completing his visit Dave began chatting to the woman, who lived alone, she mentioned to him that she was very excited due to the fact that her daughter was returning home in a few days’ time after a long term stay in New Zealand. Despite her excitement for her daughter returning home, the elderly lady felt somewhat forlorn. She had recently suffered a stroke, therefore, her mobility had been dramatically compromised. This meant that her beloved garden which she had always taken great pride in had been neglected.

After completing his routine gas safety and maintenance check Dave left the property and continued with his other jobs. But, the woman’s story stayed with him. Being a father himself he couldn’t help but empathise with her. Dave felt a moral obligation to act. He gave up his own lunch hour to return to the property to mow her lawn and make sure her garden looked presentable for her daughter’s arrival.

The woman was extremely grateful and making sure she got in touch with Dave’s supervisor in order to thank him for his kind deed. Dave said that he was simply happy that he could help the woman and hopes his voluntary landscaping made seeing the daughter all the more sweet.

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