How Liberty’s heating upgrades will lead to fairer bills and less energy wastage

At Liberty we pride ourselves on our expertise on all things property and when it comes to heating and energy, this is no exception.

That is why we are about to embark on a major project to upgrade heating and billing systems in a number of housing schemes and apartment blocks across the country. This might sound quite technical but the upgrade is set to benefit residents, landlords and the environment, providing more accurate bills and more control over energy usage.

Whereas previously, residents of a shared block would all be using the same boiler and paying the same amount for their heating bills, new legislation and the new technology Liberty is installing will mean that people will now pay for what they personally use. Once the heating upgrades and digital meter installations have been completed, residents can be reassured that they are just paying for what they have used and it also encourages everyone to have better control of their energy usage which in turn means less is wasted.

It will mean that residents can potentially save money by keeping an eye on how much energy they are using and, for instance, only having the heating on at certain times of the day.

Liberty has also shopped around for the best option on the market, selecting the tech that gives landlords the ability to switch providers when they’d like to, ensuring their tenants are getting better value for money.

So, don’t be surprised if you get a visit from a Liberty operative, soon. The upgrade itself is straightforward and takes just a couple of hours. We’ve already seen great results where we ran our pilot scheme earlier this year and we’re delighted to be rolling out this upgrade to over 700 properties in Eccles over the next year.

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