• Delivering market-leading customer service

Forging loyal and long-lasting relationships with clients and their customers can be the difference between success and failure in business.

In fact, the UK Customer Brand Loyalty Survey by Criteo in June found that more than a third of customers (37%) would abandon a brand because of poor customer service.

Naturally, we take our responsibility to the clients we work with extremely seriously. We strive to ensure our customer service is at the best it can possibly be - and we are always thinking ahead to improve what we deliver.

Earlier this month, we launched our southern service centre in Havant, Hampshire, which will be responsible for contracts across the South East and South West, and support our operations in the North West.

Aside from creating seven jobs, we wanted to provide our clients and customers in the south with greater access to local support and services when needed.

As the go-to people in property services, we believe it is essential to provide local services on a national scale.

Continuous improvement

Over the coming months we will launch several ‘models’ across the entire business to engage with and listen to both clients and their customers.

They include customer experience programmes to better understand their needs and goals.

There will involve discussions with clients on opinions on our service delivery, health and safety, sustainability and relationships, giving us a balanced overview of the services we provide to all of our customers.

Systems thinking

Of course, theories and processes are all well and good, but, as is often the case, the proof is in the practice.

In Portsmouth, for example, where we are responsible for installing, servicing and maintaining gas boilers for about 15,000 homes, we adopted an approach known as systems thinking.

Known as the Vanguard Method of systems thinking, we worked with Portsmouth City Council to map out its processes for every job, talking to staff and customers, visiting suppliers and shadowing jobs from start to finish.

This resulted in 75% of all services being completed within five days from first contact. This approach also significantly improved no access rates, which dropped from 33% to 8%.

Meredydd Hughes, Assistant Director of Building Services at Portsmouth City Council, said: “It is encouraging to see Liberty continually challenge the way they deliver gas services whilst keeping customers' needs at the heart of what they do."

By looking at the whole system in a common sense, intelligence-driven way, we were able to create significant efficiencies for the council and create better outcomes for customers by completing more in one visit and minimising disruption.

This is a key part of our commitment to doing our best to enable clients and their customers to be their best.

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