• Apprenticeships capacity at Liberty to increase 40% in 2017/18

Liberty has introduced a new Apprentice & Training team to the organisation, set to increase the company’s capacity to deliver apprenticeships by 40% over the next 12 months.

Centralising the organisation of apprenticeships and training within Liberty, the department will be led by Mahriann Clibery and has a combined experience of over 31 years in the apprenticeship and training sector.

Based at Garden Works in Knowsley, the team will have national responsibility and oversight of apprenticeships and training for Liberty, including the budgeting of the Apprenticeship Levy which came into place on the 6th April 2017.

Liberty has a track record of delivering apprenticeships within the local areas where the company operates, working with clients such as housing providers and local authorities to identify apprenticeship opportunities to support both its own and its clients' corporate social responsibilities.

Providing apprenticeships in partnership with clients provides a number of benefits including generating skills within communities, supporting personal wellbeing and economic benefits.

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