Contract overview

Since November 2016 the Contour day to day repair service has seen 260 repairs completed, 157 on Homeownership and 23 out of hours jobs by Liberty Group.

The repairs included works within communal areas and tenants properties such as repairing communal lighting, roofing work and adjusting locks and doors.

Each individual job is quoted for and competitively priced against other contractors with most competitive value for money quote chosen to complete the work required by relevant leasehold officers for the block.

Throughout the contract we have completed a quality repairs service to Symphony, achieving this with all job orders completed within target.

Each job is sent by Symphony via email into a central inbox which is then passed to Liberty Group Site Supervisors to provide quotes for the work or provide specification for the job so that it can be raised though Accuserve. This then interfaces through to DRS and is appointed by our Planning team with the client and customer.

All our operatives work with PDA units (Personal Data Unit) allowing us to dispatch the work in the most efficient way with all the information at the operatives fingertips, as the DRS system optimises the workload it means the operative with the correct skill set nearest the address is dispatched the job maximising our value for money service delivery to the customers.

As part of our health and safety requirements the PDA units have a pre construction phase plan incorporated on them with a tick list questionnaire that must be completed fully and will not allow the operative to continue until this is completed. This meets the requirements of the new HSE regulations brought in from April 2015.

Client Satisfaction

Liberty Group attend regular contract update meetings with both Contour day to day and Home Ownership. We also complete 10% post inspections via 1st Touch report which presents each job as a report including before and after pictures which the operative takes on their PDA.

Symphony Tenant Testimonial

What a pleasant change!

When the electrician came to Boundary Court; he checked in with Barbara, he had brought the right "kit", he did the job and then signed out with Barbara. I also understand that Barbara was emailed stating when he would arrive. Let us hope that NEW contractors continue as they have started. It is such a pleasant change to have contractors who work to "old fashioned" standards, or dare I say BSI and ISO standards.

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