Liberty Group strives for excellence in all areas and believes our rigorous Health & Safety culture is fundamental to it's business success.

During the fiscal year to date the organisation has achieved excellent results through existing Health & Safety systems which are published monthly to the dedicated Health & Safety section of it's website.

Current performance (as of 20th November 2017) stands at 25 accidents, 0 RIDDOR accidents to date and 12 lost days.

To enhance Health & Safety reporting Liberty has recently launched new processes for reporting near misses which utilises both electronic and paper based reporting, ensures better accessibility for field based staff who don't have access to computers. The new processes streamlines near miss reporting, captures more data and gives the most accurate view of Health & Safety performance possible.

During national implementation in October 2017, near miss reporting increased 300% compared to reporting the month before.

James Malone, HSQE Director, said

“The increased volume of data captured by this new process is vital for use in trend analysis to ensure that our processes are fit for purpose and to inform process changes which can be made early before an accident occurs. The reporting volume really highlights that we’ve got this process right and shows that our operatives are really embracing these positive changes – well done to everyone involved”

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