The 17-year-old from Purbrook, Havant, started his apprenticeship as a gas engineer with Liberty in 2016.

After leaving Purbrook High School, George was unsure what he would do next until his dad, David, who works with Liberty, suggested he consider applying for an apprenticeship with the firm.

George’s grandfather has also worked as a gas engineer, so he jumped at the chance to keep the family tradition alive.

George who lives at home with his mum, dad and younger brother said he hopes his career choice is making his grandfather proud: “If I wasn’t doing my apprenticeship I’d probably just be sitting around at home doing nothing, but instead I’m active, learning and earning money.

“My grandad was a gas engineer too before he retired last year, so I guess I’m following in his footsteps and I hope he’s proud of me.”

George attends training one day a week and works four days a week with Liberty on their contract with Portsmouth City Council.

He said: “Each day can vary, one day I can be working on installing a system and the next on an annual service or a repair. I find working on breakdown of a system and servicing most interesting because I can learn loads.

“I’m enjoying it and the support I’ve had from everyone at Liberty has been really good. The people I’m working with are the best thing about it.”

“I’d say to anyone thinking about an apprenticeship like mine to take it up, it’s great to be learning, getting experience and getting paid. I hope to continue getting more experience with Liberty after I finish my apprenticeship and maybe one day in the future I could own my own company.”

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