James Ronan has gone from apprentice electrician to leading a 23-strong team delivering more than £1m of work this year. He is sharing the story of his inspirational career journey during National Apprenticeship Week as he looks ahead to hiring his own apprentice this year.

James, 32, from Cwmbran, has always had a strong work ethic and a drive to progress in his career. He is currently developing in his new senior role having recently been promoted at Liberty, completing a degree in Quantity Surveying and Commercial management, taking part in Liberty’s Leadership Academy all whilst managing a busy home life sharing parenting duties for his 4-year-old little girl.

In his late teens, James completed a four-year JTL City and Guilds electrical apprenticeship with an additional year of in work training. In 2014 James joined the Liberty team as an engineer and he hasn’t looked back since.

James said; “It’s gratifying to look back to how far I’ve come in my career since starting my apprenticeship as an inexperienced but eager eighteen year old. I’ve been at Liberty for five years now and I’m proud to have been promoted three times thanks to brilliant development opportunities (and a lot of hard work, of course!)

“I am now an Electrical and Installations Manager based in Cardiff. I am always keen to keep learning and developing in my career which is why I am studying for my degree. It’s hard work and a lot to juggle but I’m fortunate that Liberty is very supportive, allowing me a day per week to focus on study and providing a flexible way of working.

“I cannot rate apprenticeships highly enough, mine gave me an invaluable spring board into a great career. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I’d really encourage people to look into ‘time served’ apprenticeships like the one I completed as the knowledge and experience gained over several years means you are ready to hit the ground running when you join the workplace.

“My ambition is now to recruit an apprentice onto my team at Liberty this year, then it really will feel like things have come full circle! Being able to pass on the knowledge and experience I’ve developed over the years to a young up and comer will be a real privileged.”

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