Liberty has partnered with Villages Housing Association to roll out new Assistive Technology in Stockbridge Village, which is helping customers live independently for longer.

The technology supports independence while providing assurance and alerts to family, friends or carers when needed.

Find out how in this short video:

So how does it work?

Once a customer signs up, Assistive Technology sensors are installed in the customer’s home by Liberty. These check for changes in temperature, humidity and movement, including the opening and closing of doors, fridges or medicine cabinets.

Settings are tailored around usual daily routines of the customer, with monitoring and alerts delivered to the chosen family member, friend or carer’s smartphone (Apple or Android compatible).

Mary’s story

Mary has lived in Stockbridge Village since 1968. She’s not quite as independent as she once was and, even though her daughter Jan visits at least three times a day, they both jumped at the opportunity to take part in an Assistive Technology trial.

Mary had some discreet sensors installed in her home (taking little more than 30 minutes). These now provide Jan with an extra level of assurance whenever she is not there. Jan can use the App on her smartphone at any time to check when Mary was last up and about, when she last opened her fridge (drinking her favourite milk) and the temperature in her bungalow.

For Mary and Jan the trial has already proved its value. Mary had a fall one morning and Jan was able to spot on her App that all was not well. Jan whizzed round and found Mary on the floor - a little bruised but otherwise OK. Jan visits frequently but it could still have been a couple of hours before Mary received help. For others this could have been far longer.

Our hope is that Mary and Jan along with many others will be able to benefit from this technology in the future. Jan is quite clear that she never wants to go back to being without this extra level of assurance. Next step is to find Mary some non-slip socks!

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