Jack Bevan, 20 from Fareham, started his apprenticeship as a gas engineer with Liberty in September 2017 working on the Portsmouth City Council (PCC) contract which has seen numerous apprentices successfully trained.

After leaving school at 16, Jack trained to be a plumber in 2016 and received a distinction in his qualification; but found that after doing work experience as a gas engineer that this was where his interest really lay.

Jack lives with his mum, step-dad and two sisters, and whose dad is a professional window fitter, also felt that training in gas engineering would be another string to his bow and was really interested in the technology behind it.

The 20-year-old now goes to Steve Willis Training in Portchester one day a week and works with Liberty as an apprentice gas engineer on the PCC contract four days a week.

Jack said: “I love my job and the people I’ve been working with are very supportive – I just need to ask and they’ll help me straight away. It’s just what you want, especially when you are doing a big job, maybe something daunting liked drilling a massive hole in a wall!

“The variety of things we do is really good too, I’ve been working on installing new systems, fixing systems that aren’t working, installing gas runs and doing annual services.

He added: “I would recommend an apprenticeship with Liberty to anyone, but I’d say do work experience beforehand to make sure that it’s for you, that really helped me make up my mind that it was what I wanted to do before I applied.”

The young apprentice has two and a half years to go until he completes his training.

Jack is looking forward to becoming a fully qualified gas engineer and hopes to stay on with Liberty in the long-term.

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